Aug 24 - CA Pushes Past 50% Recycling Goal

California has finally reached the 50% mandated recycling goal established by the passage of the CA Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 (AB 939), and a goal that was to be reached in 2000. The CIWMB noted on August 15th that the state had reached its goal. Pasadena Star News writer Fred Ortega reports this achievement was reached in various ways, including establishing multiple recycling programs.

WHITTIER - More than half of the trash generated in the state of California is now recycled, according to the state's top waste management official.

And many Southland cities have carried their own weight in reaching that goal.
California Integrated Waste Management Board Chairwoman Margo Reid Brown announced the crossing of the 50 percent recycling threshold on Aug. 15, in letters to sanitation district heads across California.

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CIWMB Webpage on Accomplishment, including Press Releases

CAW continues to help in the expansion of recycling opportunities for the residents of CA. This includes AB 2206 (Montañez), which would bring the opportunity of recycling to everyone by requiring local governments and apartment managers and owners to provide recycling information and assistance to residents of multi-family dwellings to help local governments meet or exceed their waste diversion goals.

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