Aug 1 - CA and UK in Climate Change Deal

Governor Schwarzenegger and British Prime Minister Tony Blair signed a partnership to share information and collaborate on research on global warming issues. This unique agreement allows California and Britain to aggressively address climate change issues and help curb greenhouse gas emissions while finding new energy alternatives, actions not currently being taken by the federal government. Peter Hecht of the Sacramento Bee reports.

LONG BEACH -- Declaring California and the United Kingdom partners in an international fight against climate change, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a unique accord Monday to develop plans to curb pollution and avert global warming.

The unusual summit, between the British leader and the governor of a state accounting for the world's sixth-largest economy, was hailed in a joint mission statement as a commitment to "urgent action to reduce greenhouse gases" and promote cleaner technologies.

"I think the evidence of climate change and its danger is overwhelming," Blair said, appearing with Schwarzenegger at the Port of Long Beach. "I think it is now very hard for anyone to dispute it."

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The California legislature has been focusing a lot of attention on global warming with AB 32, a bill aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions over a proposed deadline. CAW has also becoming involved in the growing issue of climate change through increasing recycling rates as landfills can generate methane, a greenhouse gas (GHG) that is 23 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than the most prevelant GHG, carbon dioxide.

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