Jul 26 - Pasadena Businesses Begin Recycling Glass

Earlier this year on Earth Day, the City of Pasadena started a glass recycling pilot program aimed at restaurants who use high quantities of glass. Debra Marisa Greene of the Pasadena Star-News reports that restaurants are given containers for glass recycling pick up on a regular basis.

PASADENA - The city's businesses have a new calling - recycling glass.
The city of Pasadena, California Department of Conservation, Glass Packaging Institute and local recycler Allan Co. have implemented an 18-month glass recycling pilot program, which kicked off on Earth Day in April.

Single-family residences already participate in a recycling program through the city.

So far, about 12 restaurants and bars have agreed to participate.

"The whole idea is to get Pasadena businesses - restaurants in particular - to recycle glass bottles instead of throwing them away," said city spokeswoman Ann Erdman. "The ultimate goal being to reduce the level of trash at landfills."

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What You Can Do

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