May 23 - RoHS Set for China, Manufacturers Should Have No Problem Complying

Surface Mount Technology Online reports that China is on track to implement a phase out of toxic materials in electronics based on the EU RoHS Directive. The requirement will take effect March 1, 2007--just 12 months after being unveiled. China's Directive, like a similar  proposal being considered in California, is designed to track the EU, effectively creating a global standard for manufacturers of electronics. China is also proposing a labeling system to discern which products meet RoHS requirements and which exceed the hazardous material allowances.

SHANGHAI, China — Two standards within China's RoHS Directive — a standard on 'Concentration Limits' of hazardous substances; and a 'Marking' standard used to indicate hazardous substance content and the safe-to-use period and packaging material, are ready for approval from the Ministry of Information Industry (MII).

These two standards will not require additional work from companies whose products comply with the European Union's (EU's) RoHS Directive. A standard on 'Testing Procedures,' as well as a catalog of products that are subject to substance restrictions and mandatory certification are expected shortly.

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CAW is sponsoring AB 2202 (Saldana), which will follow the guidelines of the EU RoHS Directive and require the phase out of hazardous materials from virtually all consumer electronics sold in California. AB 2202 is currently in the Assembly Appropriations suspense file, and we anticipate it will move onto the Assembly Floor.

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