May 16 - Beijing practices a 'No Car Day' to prevent pollution

With more than 2.6 million drivers on the roads, and an additional 1,000 new vehicles adding to the congestion every day, Beijing emits 3,600 tons of pollutants on a daily basis. In an attempt to ‘spare the air’ and relieve traffic problems, Environmental officials have asked car owners to take a day off from driving. reports:

Environmental officials in Beijing have asked residents to stop driving their cars to work one day a month in an effort to clean up the capital's stifling air pollution and ease traffic jams.

More than 200,000 drivers in up to 100 Beijing auto clubs have agreed to comply with the voluntary request, the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau said in a report posted on its website.

"As soon as people leave their homes they are faced with the depressing sights and sounds of noisy, congested roads, while the black exhaust leaves their minds muddled," the report said.

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Don't forget, in California, Thursday May 18th is Bike to Work Day! Find a route in your city that's conducive to riding your bike, or even ride your bike to the nearest bus stop. All cyclists can get free rides on local public transit in most cities in the state. If each driver in California didn't use his/her car for one day a week, each person could prevent 55 pounds of pollution from California's air every year.