May 11 â€" Did You Know That Plastic Bags Threaten Endangered Species?

An Ohio paper today paid tribute to the recently designated, “Endangered Species Day”, and tells how we can do our part in saving some of Earth’s most rare, and imperiled, creatures.

They say "every dog has his day." But what about every loggerhead sea turtle, Asian small-clawed otter and shark ray? Now they, too, have their day - today, May 11, 2006, which the U.S. Senate recently designated as Endangered Species Day…

Making the public aware of the everyday actions they can take to aid in the protection of nature's fish, plants and other wildlife is an important step in saving these creatures. There are many things that individuals can do to help endangered species, such as picking up litter, conserving water or donating time to volunteer.

Litter, such as plastic bags, gets into rivers and can potentially choke or suffocate animals. Picking up litter can make a major difference in the life of animals in and around rivers. Also, using paper bags at the grocery store or reusing plastic bags, cutting up plastic can connecters before throwing them away and recycling can help animals from becoming endangered by making their habitats cleaner and safer.

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We at CAW are sponsoring AB 2449, a bill that would require all large grocery stores to sell reusable bags and institute a recycling program for plastic bags.  Letters are still needed in support of this important legislation; ask your legislature to truly represent your opinion by using the links on this page.