May 11 - San Francisco Supermarkets Announce Step to Reduce Plastic Bag Waste

Grocery Stores in San Francisco yesterday announced what will hopefully be a first step in an effort to meet the city's Plastic Bag Litter and Waste reduction goal.

After as agreement was made to reduce distribution of plastic shopping bags and increase recycling, San Francisco, the Progressive Bag Alliance, and major supermarkets unveiled a new ad campaign promoting the compact.  California Chronicle reports that the plan to reduce 10 million bags is now backed by a slogan encouraging shoppers to "Get more out of the bag":

“San Francisco’s grocery stores and the Progressive Bag Alliance appear to be taking reasonable steps to meet the agreed upon goal of 10 million fewer checkout bags,” observed Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, “but the real proof of the matter will come at the end of the year when we review the numbers and verify the reduction.”

Last November, the Mayor and area stores initiated a public-private waste reduction agreement, the first of its kind in the nation, which calls for significant reduction of grocery checkout bag use. Working in conjunction with city government, supermarkets operated by Albertsons, Andronico’s Market, Bell Markets, Cal-Mart Supermarket, Cala Foods, Foods Co., Mollie Stone’s Market, and Safeway Inc. have set a reduction target of 10,000,000 checkout bags by the end of 2006.

The amount of CO2 emissions reduced by the 10 million plastic bag cutback is the same amount that 14,000 automobiles would emit in a day.

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What you can do:

CAW sponsored AB 2449 (Levine), would for the first time require California supermarkets to take back and recycle plastic bags, while providing consumers with a reuse option. AB 2449 is currently pending a vote on the Assembly Floor. 

If you have not yet sent a support letter, we still need your help.  Please  e-mail a support letter to your Assembly Member today! 

Read more about the bill here.