May 9 - California swept up in the West Coast's producer responsiblilty wave

In wake of recent legislation, print and online magazine Solid Waste & Recycling deems extended producer responsibilty (EPR) as the new trend in municipal solid waste management on the West Coast.  California's legislation is credited in the article for its success in involving local government in this movement.

According to Bill Sheehan, director of the Product Policy Institute in Athens, Georgia, exciting developments are happening on the West Coast of North America to get to the root of toxic and disposable product design.

Sheehan says that extended producer responsibility (EPR) for products from "cradle to cradle" is spreading.

"Washington State just adopted the strongest producer responsibility law yet in the U.S. for electronic discards," says Sheehan. "British Columbia is implementing the most comprehensive framework regulation and is adding new products categories. And in California, a ban on putting hazardous household and small business products in the trash has created a 'perfect storm' for engaging local governments in promoting the producer responsibility policy approach."

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