May 1 â€" Internet and Phone Service Provider Backs E-Waste Legislation

The internet and phone service provider Earth Tones, has joined with Californians Against Waste and other environmental groups in AB 2202 (Saldaña), legislation to phase of the use of hazardous materials in consumer electronics. 

“The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Extension will act as both the ‘carrot’ to spur commercially-viable technological solutions and the ‘stick’, creating a disincentive for wireless carriers to continue their current practices – which are consumer and environmentally un-friendly,” said Liz Karan, Co-Director of Earth Tones.

California disposes over 515,000 tons of electronic waste every year into municipal landfills. The Department of Toxic Substances Control has determined that most electronic devices are toxic, and as of February of this year were banned from landfills under the state’s Universal Waste Regulation. Unfortunately, since that ban became effective, California is no where close to 100 percent compliance of that law, and consumers are still disposing toxic e-waste into landfills.

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AB 2202 has passed two Assembly Committees thus far and will be heard next in Assembly Appropriations Committee in May. Please support a cleaner California by supporting this measure and send a support letter today!