May 1 - LA to Expand Multifamily Recycling

With cities trying to keep in step with AB 939 and 50% diversion rates, the L.A. City Council voted last week to expand its multi-family recycling program to 50 percent of the city by 2010.

The Los Angeles City Council has approved a plan to increase the number of apartment dwellers who can participate in the city’s residential collection program.

Beginning next summer, the city's residential recycling program will be expanded to include more apartment buildings. Collection with these buildings should begin next summer, with the program implemented citywide by the end of next year.

In conjunction with the plan, the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation is seeking bids from waste management firms that are willing to collect recyclables.

In its City Council meeting, held this week, council members approved a recommendation to have the Bureau of Sanitation expand its multi-family recycling to at least 50 percent of the city by 2010, and include a time frame for full implementation of the program.

CAW currently supports AB 2206 (Montañez) that would expand recycling opportunities in apartment complexes and multi-family dwellings in hopes of achieving higher levels of recycling in these facilities through information.