Apr 28 - Charity sets goal of 400,000 computers for African schools

PCPro reports that a charity from the UK is raising the bar for refurbishing old PCs and donating them to schools in Africa. Project Digital 10 20 10 is aiming to donate 400,000 renovated computer systems to students by the year 2010.  The problem of exporting e-waste to underdeveloped countries has increasingly raised global concern, so it is refreshing to read a story about an organization turning export into a noble cause.

Project Digital 10 20 10 aims to bring the benefits of IT to ten million African school children within four years by placing 400,000 redundant computers in developing countries by the year 2010.

The aim of the project is to collect obsolete computers in the UK, refurbish them and then send them to schools in Africa where they are used to teach IT skills to students. Digital Links, which runs the scheme, says it will collect computers and wipe them of any sensitive data they may hold before being shipped to Africa.

The recycling scheme expects to get a boost when the WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) comes into force in the next few months. This EU directive sets out to reduce the mountain of some 1 million tonnes of electronic waste from homes and businesses thrown away every year. From the beginning of June all business will be legally responsible for the collection, data wiping and recycling of all PCs.

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CAW is sponsoring legislation which will expand the state's current E-Waste Recycling Act and include all personal coputers in the scope of the program. By including PCs, AB 3001 (Pavley) will ultimatley target more than 110,000 tons of E-waste from California's annual waste stream.