Mar 6 - KGO-TV: Keeping Junk Mail Disks Out Of Landfill

KGO-TV Consumer Reporter Micheal Finney today reported on the glut of unwanted junk mail disks from AOL and other marketers that clog California mailboxes:

How many times have we tried to figure out what to do with unsolicited CD's and DVD's that arrive in our mailboxes every day? We, as taxpayers, have to foot the bill for their disposal. But that could change soon.

Right now, there's nowhere in the Bay Area to recycle unwanted CD's or DVDs so unfortunately, most wind up in the trash. That's why there's a move to make manufacturers foot the bill...

Mark Murray, Californians Against Waste: "There's not a curbside program in the state of California that will accept this mix of plastic and aluminum at curbside."

Mark Murray, Californians Against Waste: "Most California communities pay for their garbage as they throw -- San Francisco, Sacramento, the more garbage you have, the more you pay."

That's why San Francisco's Board of Supervisors recently passed a resolution asking the state to shift the burden to manufacturers.

Ross Mirkarimi, San Francisco supervisor: "We need to push the envelope, at least so they're not always going after the low-hanging fruit, thinking that local government and taxpayers will just carry the burden."

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AOL alone distributes more than 400 million unwanted junk mail disks every year. To combat this waste Californians Against waste is targeting AOL.