Feb 28 â€" Learning to Recycle May Land These Kids in Disneyland

Did you know that more than 20 million Hershey’s Kisses are thrown away in one day and that their wrappers can cover over 130 square miles? Or that 375 million empty ink cartridges are thrown away every year?

Well, if you were competing for an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland through Jiminy Cricket’s Environmentality Challenge, a statewide competition that encourages thinking and acting environmentally among students, you would know these facts, too. Julia Rooney writes in DavisEnterprise.com that at Davis’s Patwin Elementary School, Linda Biewer-Elstob’s fifth-grade class has put in place a comprehensive program to educate the community about the growing problem of electronic waste. And they aren’t just researching quandary of ewaste, they are trying to solve it. The fifth-graders have set up e-waste drop sites at the school where students can drop off old batteries, printer cartridges and cell phones, which the class will recycle. The class is also trying to tackle reducing plastic and paper grocery bags that end up in landfills or littering waterways. The Environmental Challenge was started in 1994 and last year more than 40,000 California students participated. It has to make us all stop and think: What was the last thing we did to deserve a trip to Disneyland?

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